MSME Business Growth

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ABOUT SARATHI is to support MSME Business Growth And Development by identifying and solving issues, sharing best practices, and helping explore new opportunities to accelerate their overall business growth and improve efficiency.

This support would be driven by industry expert “MENTORS” who are equipped with our unique methodology, plug and play products (HR in a box, IT In-a-Box, Digitization tools) to help MSMEs grow their business and become effective partners/ vendors to corporate as well as serve target customers.

MSME business growth and development


Solve issues, explore opportunities & accelerate growth of MSME

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“Being with the MSMEs” to not only develop a strategy for growth but also help implement effectively and achieve targeted metrics-driven improvements.  


Unlock MSME Potential with's Expert Mentors & Tools

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MSME business growth

Assisting MSME business growth with

1:1 CXO Mentoring

MSME Founders/ Leadership team, get Mentoring help from industry and functional experienced Mentors to share their learnings/ Challenges, learn about best practices, understand insights of business issues, identify business goals and develop SMART actions to Accelerate their business growth in the market. 

  • Strategy development & Execution
  • Financial Management, Funding and Working Capital Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics management
  • Developing Exports business
  • Government Schemes registration and Certificate
  • Enhancing Manufacturing Facilities, (Implementing Lean/ Six Sigma)
  • Risk & Compliance Management

Assisting MSME business growth with


  • Group sharing and Learning with CXO Mentors and Peer MSME Founders/ Owners
  • Variety perspective and Understanding on the “Challenges / Problem topics”
  • Articulation of examples relating to those topics
  • Best practice solutions, Implementation ideas that MSMEs / Mentors have shared
  • Deep sharing of experience on these topics by Mentors. It is #problemsolving
Assisting MSME business growth with


  • Attend Masterclass sessions: Learn from CXO Mentors/ Industry Business Experts
  • Training sessions (face to face/ Online/ Recorded)
  • Webinars on MSME Industry & Functional topics
  • Management development programmes (MDPs)


  • Digital Solutions(Website/Social Media/E-Commerce)
  • HR In-a-Box
  • IT In-a-Box
  • Business Assessments
  • HR Assessments

About MSME

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Present in multiple geographies across India, MSMEs complement large industries as ancillary units or Vendors and the sector contributes enormously to the socio, economic development of the country. As per a current estimate, it contributes 48% to India’s export, 30% to GDP, and provides 11.10 crore employment in the country. is a part of


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