Unreliable weather conditions, expensive energy storage issues hampering product demand?

Consult our expert mentors on how to leverage technology to improve efficiency.

Struggling with constantly evolving technologies, outdated methods and business systems?
Let industry CXOs guide you on streamlining processes for a sustainable growth
Geo-political issues, economic meltdown and supply chain issues impacting drug procurement?

Improve supply chain visibility & efficiency with our proven business models.

Lack of skilled labour, high competition and low productivity impacting business growth?

Talk to us on how you can implement new technologies and improve business processes.

Increasing competition, component unavailability and lack of innovation impacting time to market?

Our expert mentors can help you keep up with the latest trends and adopt new paradigms.

Growth Accelerator for MSME

MSME division of started with the Objective of being “Growth Accelerator for MSMEs”, To serve in solving challenges & unlock potential and Be part of building a stronger India (Bharat 2.0). Vision OUR VISION

  • Build a World-class MSME Mentoring Organization

usp of OUR USP

  • Unique methodology
  • Outcome Driven
  • Hands-on approach is supported byOUR STRENGTH

  • Seasoned CXO Mentors
  • Technology platform intented to provideOUR SERVICES

  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Sarathi Charcha
  • 10X Growth Strategy
  • Upskilling & Training
  • Digital Solutions
Growth Accelerator for MSME by Industry Upskilling with mentors
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Growth Accelerator for MSME by Industry Upskilling with corporate associations
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Growth Accelerator for MSME by Industry Upskilling with mentors
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Growth Accelerator for MSME by Industry Upskilling with online sessions
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Growth Accelerator for MSME by Industry Upskilling with monthly mentorship via online hours
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Industry Upskilling

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Our Offerings


"Leading the Way in MSME Growth: Mentorship, Acceleration, and Industry Upskilling through our MSME Association"

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"Hear from Our Clients: The Impact of Mentorship, Growth Acceleration and Industry Upskilling on their Business Success".

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MSME CXO mentor

Chengalath Vijayanarayanan

CXO Mentor,
I am a CXO mentor with, working to help businesses in the healthcare sector grow and accelerate. I bring over 40 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development in the hospital sector to the table. The team at and I work closely with each hospital to identify areas of improvement at a department level. Through our efforts, we have seen significant increases in turnover and profits for our clients.
MSME CXO mentor

Dr. Siddharth Marda

Executive Director – Premier Hospital, Hyderabad
I am the Executive Director of Premier Hospital Hyderabad. Premier Hospital began as an 18-bed nursing unit 30 years ago and has grown to a 110-bedroom specialty unit in Hyderabad today. We have been working with the team for the past three months and I am happy to say that they have effectively understood our challenges and provided us with numerous suggestions and strategies for improvement.


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